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Corporate Events come in many shapes and sizes, the Internet offers an expansive window to view a mind boggling range of venues and activities. However, nothing compares with first hand knowledge and experience when it comes to understanding the intricacies of arranging an event.

Types of corporate events;

Team Building Activity
Company Fun Day
Corporate Incentive Trip
Team Activity Break

Whichever you are looking to arrange, their are many considerations to what, when, where and how you may wish your event.

Meeting room, dietary requirements, room setup, audio visual, suitable location, type of venue, budget are just a few questions you will need to answer.

What is the hotel cancellation policy?
These vary from hotel to hotel, but always be aware that once you sign a Contract then you are required to pay for delegates. Delegate numbers normally flucuate, so it is advisable to be cautious unless you have guaranteed confirmed numbers.

Top Tip
When booking delegate numbers, book for a minimum then hold on option the remainder of bedrooms. The hotel will advise when you need to confirm final numbers.

How would you like your meeting room to be set up?

The first and generally most confusing question!
The set up of a meeting room is dictated as to the type of meeting being held. For instance an interactive team meeting with ongoing work during the meeting requires a Caberet Style Room. A direct presentation or product launch is normally Theatre Style. A small group meeting can be Boardroom Style and a Team Workshop can just be a U Shape of Chairs.

Top Tip
Check to see if audio visual (projector and screen) are included in the price.

Event Payments
Venues all have slightly different payment schedules and deposit requirements, I have detailed an overview for example purposes only.
If your event is within four weeks the venue may require full payment for the event. If your event is outside of four weeks the venue will require a signed Contract and a 50% deposit.

Top Tip
Negotiate payment terms early in the discussions with the venue.

When are final numbers required? Final numbers are required by the venue to ensure the meeting room is set up correctly (there's nothing worse than empty chairs or people looking for a seat!).
Also to ensure everyone is catered for during breaks and lunch. Most venues require final numbers 3-7 days prior to the event for operational purposes.
Final numbers for invoicing purposes are normally required 7-14 days prior subject to availability and the arrangement agreed with the venue.

Changing the date of the eventIf you have the event on option then this will not be a problem. If you have confirmed the event with a signed Contract there maybe a penalty cost involved, if very much depend on the venue terms and conditions and how they wish to apply them.

Team building is interrpretted in many ways depending upon the Manager/Boss's cultural design. A social evening in a restaurant, an away day/weekend in the great outdoors, building a bridge, an event with Facilitators overseeing the action with briefing and debriefing.

So it is no suprise that the range of "team building activities" is vast to meet the demand. Arts and Crafts have become a very popular event with painting, ice sculpting and pottery all offering a team event the opportunity to experience new activities that are low impact ie require no fitness level, but great creativity.