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Cinnamon Active
Aztec House
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West Molesey
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09.30 - 17.30 hrs.
Group of 20
A range of fun creative and adventure team events with a competitive edge.

This number of participants opens up many more options as this group size generates more atmosphere and allows for more interaction.
It is also easier to create a fun competitive edge to the event.

All overseas destinations work well with 20 people.

Top 10 Events

Multi-Activity Day
This event can be designed to suit your group which ensures that there are activities that everyone to enjoy. A group of 20 will normally include 3-4 different activities which everyone participates on a team rotation basis. These activities can be principally motorised, shooting, team tasks or a combination of the 3. A real pick and mix.

White Water Rafting & Bushcraft
Survive on the wild waters rafting & learn to survive in the wild country.

Motor Mania
For hedonistic petrol heads - girls and guys.

Cook Workshop
Learn a few trade secrets of the kitchen, cook up a sumptuous Cordon Bleu team meal and enjoy the fruits of your labour over a glass or 4 of fine wine.

Ice Sculpture
Wow the sceptics with your amazing talents. This event combines well with dinner as the completed sculptures make an excellent backdrop.

Fast n Furious
This is one for action man and girls groups, a day of pulsating paintball and motorised mania.

Potters Challenge
A creative team event with a stunning 3 dimensional product that will take pride of place in your office or reception.

Tribal Rhythms
Feel the heat of the beat. General mayhem or an orchestrated musical symphony!! Low impact high energy event.

Wine Tasting
Do you know your Beaujolais from your Bonjour?
Your Rioja from your rouge?

Team Tasks
A series of enjoyable interactive team activities delivered by instructors with a sense of humour. Generally these tasks are short punchy activities of between 20-45 minutes which ensure everyone is involved.